Letter, ca 1960

Letter, Eliza Adams to Harry Grant, undated, ca 1957-64
Transcribed by Barbara Grant

Dear Harry & Gertrude

I do hope by now Harry that you are much better than you were. I am very sorry I have been so long in replying but for some time I could not get my thoughts on looking up papers. I am really gaining and will be back to normal soon. It might have been much worse, no bones broken & my eyes all right. All are very well here and we are using our car yet but I have not got back to church but hope to next Sunday. You have certainly put a lot of work & thought on the “Grant papers” and I hope you may get something out of what I am sending & put the rest in the furnace.

In your paper on page 2.

In Aunties book Annie Gurnsey Grant lived about 8 yrs at Grandpa Grant’s after her husband died. And if I remember rightly after Grandfather was married again she moved to Aunt Rachels and Grandpa paid her keep until her death. I remember Mother telling me how badly her father felt about it.

Next year you had better make your visit around this part of the country

Will close with best wishes
   Sincerely, Eliza

P.S. I imagine my papers will be about the same as a Chinese Puzzell. E.

I have not much to offer you Harry as I think you have everything quite complete. I wondered if it would be interesting to know that the frame of the old Grant home was used to build the house your father & mother moved in after their wedding & where you and Earl was born. (where Archie Brown now lives). I expect Lorne & Stanley were born in the stone house. There was quite a lot of change those years. I expect Uncle Wesley built the house where Clarence Brown now lives as he traded places with my father when Grandpa Imrie died & he moved up there & Uncle Wesley lived in the house where you likely remember, until going to Regina.

That stone house where Uncle Wesley lived was always interesting to me as I arrived there in time for dinner July 31, 1880 (This is not for the records)

On page 4: our grandmothers name was just Eliza not Elizabeth & I have a copy of their marriage certificate which I might send you.

Also on page 4. Where you refer to Aaron Montgomery. I did not know of his engraving on the slabs but I was to his grave years ago at Johnstown with my father but of course the marker was gone then. He also painted his own picture by looking in a mirror & mother said Grandmother always said it was just like him. It is oval & in one of the small frames or cases. Did I not show it to you when you were here? I also have a small leather bound book of Psa. & Hymns in which he has written his name and Johnstown, Jan. 12th 1822 (sorry I cannot write as nice as he could). In the back of this leather book is written:
   Aaron C. Montgomery son of Hugh M- and Mary M- Born 25th Sept. 1800
   Sarah M- daughter of Zadok & Sally Pratt Born 15 Feb.1806
**Eliza S. Montgomery Born Nov. 4 1823
   Mary Gilbert Montgomery born 15 Nov. 1825 . I think mother said this little girl died quite young.

** This was my Grandmother.

I have Grandfathers silk stockings –long–& in quite good condition. they are very light color & striped. They also have L.G. & the figure 2 worked in small cross stitch at the top.

Another Montgomery story which might be interesting was a little silver spoon which I have. Auntie gave it to me on my wedding day.

The following I have written about that time as my mother told me.

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Montgomery had eight silver spoons made in Montreal out of silver dollars. They had two sons Aaron & Archibald who each got four spoons.

Aaron had one daughter Eliza Sarah later Mrs. Daniel Grant of Edwardsburg who got the four spoons. She had four children who each got one. Erastus, Mary Jane & Maria A. & Wesley. Mother gave hers to Jennie. Auntie gave me hers. Auntie also gave me the little rosewood box which had held all the spoons. I don’t know what became of Jennie’s spoon.

Aaron Montgomery had a brother Archibald who lived in U.S.A. Some of his family visited here , a Mrs. Birdsal, also a grandson John Seymour Montgomery came to our home in Ventnor about 1906. His wife was Roselle Mercier Montgomery. I have a book of her poems called “Ulysses Returns” which they sent to Mother in 1930. Occasionally her poems were in magazines. He was a lawyer in New York City and had his home outside city on the Hudson. They had two children. John Seymour Montgomery Jr. and Roselle Mercier Montgomery, later Mrs. Burpee. I received an invitation later to her wedding — but did not go. After her wedding she wrote but as the years passed we lost trace of her. Perhaps this will not be interesting but I thought perhaps you would include Archibald’s name as Aaron’s brother.

Where you have Allen (Daniel’s brother) Grant’s name; he married twice.

1) Rachel Adams — one son Lachlan (who lived in Shanly)

2) Eliza Bennet; children were Lewis & Robert & Samuel. Lewis had no family but Sam’s son (one Ray) & family still live there; another son Allen married Grace Robinson and lives in Prescott.

Did the three “Grant daughters” marry Christies? I remember Aunt Nancy & know her husband was Thomas as I have their pictures. Also I remember Mother speaking of Uncle Archie.

Taken from Auntie’s book:

In the fall of 1859 the Rev. D. C. McDowell held revival services in Grandfather Gurnseys house upstairs, before there were any churches in South Mountain. Also she said there were no churches in Ventnor Heckston or South Mountain in 1854.

Our church at Ventnor was built about 1880.

I remember the old Gurnsey house very well, it was still standing when I went down with my mother & she told me about it being done off for services. (Eliza)


4 Responses to “Letter, ca 1960”

  1. 1 John S. Montgomery
    April 18, 2012 at 5:38 am

    Hi, This is a very interesting letter. I am the grandson of John Seymour Montgomery and Roselle Mercier Montgomery. I am seeking any genealogically verifiable documentation of our line. Also searching for a photograph of my grandfather that is reported to have been in the possession of Laura G. Brown, Ontario.

    Please say hi sometime,

    John Seymour Montgomery
    Fort Collins, Co.

  2. 2 admin
    April 18, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Greetings, John.

    I show all the resources I have on the associated Rootsweb pages, eg. http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=sensato&id=I5494 – you might find some new documentation leads poking around there.

    Laura Brown’s daughter, Mary Lou Fry, has all of Laura’s collection. Have you been in touch with Mary Lou?

    This whole Montgomery branch of Lewis Grant descendants is pretty remote from me, eg. Mary Lou and I are 4th cousins, once removed, so I haven’t done much research on it directly. We are related through Lewis Grant and Anna Guernsey, my 4th great-grandparents.

    Hugh Campbell

  3. 3 Maureen Jenkins Pender
    May 31, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Hi Hugh, I have various Grants in the tree, always working to add-in marriages, love your site. By any chance have you ever come across the Simon Peter Grant founder of Grantville, Gore of Toronto? His wife was a Gordon. Margaret Gordon 1803 – 1881 the Family RC, Merchants from Banffshire, Scotland. I am trying to find his “Upper Line” back to Scotland, have emailed the Peel Archives for file info & Clan Grant Association – Anita Grant Steele. When I try to search on the internet your site comes up as Simon Peter Grant & his wife have a son Alexander Joseph Grant 1847-1883. Lewis Grant of Canada (1771 – 1855) is my 8th cousin 6x removed. I will keep reading your site for clues. Any help appreciated – so few people on Ancestry have this Grant offshoot – and none have the Scottish Banffshire connection. Regards, Maureen

    • 4 admin
      May 31, 2016 at 11:24 am

      Hi Maureen. Thank you for the query. Lewis Grant (1771-1855) is my 4th great-grandfather. I don’t have Simon Peter Grant, Alexander Joseph Grant or Grantville, Gore of Toronto in my database. If it helps, most search engines can search for name strings in their entirety if you surround them with double quotation marks, eg “Simon Peter Grant” would provide hits to that string of words in that order, rather than pages that show Simon and/or Peter and/or Grant.

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