Letter, 1909 SEP 02

Letter from Dan Grant to his 1st cousin Mary Jane Grant, 22 September 1909
Transcription by Hugh Campbell, 31 May 2003

Toronto Sept 22ed 1909
Mrs Wm Imrie
Dear cousin
I have coppied what you wanted.
I hope you will be able to make
it out, there is so many quear
names it will be hard to get the
run, however I done my best
under the circumstances --
you will find pretty near the last
where there was some men shot
some, (or one) floged two sent
abraud, well do you know
I think Uncle Lachlan was
one of the latter. As we have
a letter [1] from Grandfathers father
to Grandfather, saying Lachlan
had got in trouble and it would
cost him (Grandfather $20,000

[Page break]

but he could pay it without
hurting him much. Now you know
this 20,000 is $100,000 (more than I
could pay) he must have been pretty
well off to pay that, without
hurting him much, and then when
he dies, Eliza writes that Mary is
living [on] them, because her father
had lost all but a little in the
West Indias, and the Gladhill
farm, and that nearly run through
with, she said that Gladhill farm was
grandfathers, but she thought he
ought to give it to Mary. So he
did, sent power of attorney
all the old Scotchmen say it
should come back to Grandfather
when Mary died, but it did not
come. Now where did Grandfathers

[Page break]

Fathers money go, it was only
19 years from the time Grandfather
left home, until his father died
according to Elizas letter we have
there was only about 15 years from
the time of the mutiny, When Wm Grant
could pay $100,000 and not hurt him
until he died comparatively poor.
Where did it go, Uncle Lachlan
says, in writing to Grandfather, if you
knew, Tom Grant (that is Eliza`s
husband) you would not consider
him much better than a fool.
(but he says) he made about
$50,000 (i think it said) $250,000
in less than 20 years, and was in
no business. Why I think it was
Lachlan that was sent abroad
Eliza writes she did not know

[Page break]

Lachlan was in the country, she
thought he was abroad
well I guess that $100,000 helped
save his life, I believe with Lachlan
that Tom Grant could tell where
a lot of Wm Grants money went.
About this Mrs Grant that
married Dr Murray. At the
time of the american civil war
schoolmaster at oxford mills
brought a paper to Father, saying
I have your pedigree, they were
trying to trace General Grant
they came to this Mrs Grant
marrying Dr Murray, and you
have it in the letter I sent you
and in a letter we have Grandfather
got from his father
, he said Mrs
Grant had married an Irishman

[Page break]

by the name of Murray
well now I guess I have
written you enough, it will
take you some time to get
it all by heart
My pen is acting nasty
with me, forgive me for
bothering you with all this
we can talk it all over
when we see each other again
I remain ever your affectionate
Dan Grant
52 Fuller Street


Which letter is this? Does anybody have a copy? HC


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