Letter, 1881 SEP 24

Letter, Wesley Montgomery Grant to Maria Montgomery, 24 September 1881

Edwardsburgh Sep 24th 1881

Dear Sister Maria I now
Take my pen in hand to write
You a few lines to let you know
We are all well at present hoping
You are the same and also
To let you know all the news
Down here Fannie and I were out
To Prescott Show fair and while
We were Gone Eliza Montgomery
Was around in this part of the
Country and stoped to Erastus for
Dinner I was Greatly Dissapointed
On not seeing her She is Archibald
Gilbert Montgomerys daughter our
Mothers first cousin She and her
Husband and two Children were
Over from Beemington New York
State 200 miles from New York
Erastus Says he thinks She is
A fine woman her mother Sister
and frother live in New York City
Her father is Dead two years She
Thought a great Deal of her father
She came to Johnstown thinking
That Grandmother lived on the
Old place but found She married
Again She heard mother was dead
And left no children they drove to
Alberts and there head about us then
Came back this way Stoped to Es for
Dinner and had to go right back
Again She thought a great Deal of
Her father She said he used to tell
Her about her uncle Arons.&
Eliza Montomery She would liked
To have seen the rest of us She is
Going to write back when she
Gets home her parents had five
You will be surprised when you
Read this if you have not heard
Already. This womans name now
Is Birdsill She has a Sister that
Is not married
I think I will wind up
for this time. Excuse mistakes and bad writing.

Remember me to George

Wesley Montgomery Grant


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