Letter, 1841 DEC 04

Letter, [J Smith?] to Lewis Grant, 04 December 1841

Fife Keith 4 Dec 1841


Your sister Mrs Grant being indisposed
in her health, and unable for the present to write
herself, has requested me, her Medical Attendant,
to write to you, to acknowledge the receipt yesterday
of your letter of the 25 Oct last. She desires me to
say that your letter of the 13 Jany 1841 came to hand
& that the news both surprised & disappointed to learn
by it that you had not received her answer to Your
former letter. I may remark in reference to this
miscarriage that it was probably owing to the inland
postage here not having been paid, as she seems to
think she posted it here under the impression that
pre-payment of letters for the British Colonies was
not necessary. She is rejoiced to hear of your own
good health, and that your Children & Grandchildren
are flourishing around you. Her own health as you
no doubt have learned by her former letters has been for
several, or rather _many_ years, exceedingly delicate, and
precarious. She is only now recovering from a
rather severe attack which has left her considerably
weakened in body, but I have no doubt you will
regoice to hear that her mind is as vigorous and
elastic as ever and I sincerely hope she may ere
long be enabled to take exercise out of doors so as
gradually to regain the flesh & strength she had

Your other sister Mrs Grant enjoys excellent
health, better indeed than I have ever known her to do
for the last ten years.

Both desire me to give their united
affectionate regards to yourself, Mrs Grant & family
and I have the honor to be

Your most [??] Servant


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