Letter, 1829 AUG 25

Letter from Eliza and Mary Grant to their brother, Lewis Grant, 25 August 1829
Transcribed by Hugh Campbell, May 2003



Lewis Grant Esquire
Edwardsburgh near Prescotte
Upper Canada


Fifes Keith 25th August 1829

My Dear Brother -

Your letter of date the 20th June we received the
2d Inst which be assured gave us great pleasur to hear of your
being well - My Dear Husband died in the month of February
1827. He was confined to Bed for many months, his sufferings
were indeed sever, but I hade the consolation of seeing him sensible and
composed to the last - I gave up Farming at last Term, from my
delicate health, and not being accustomed to any kind of troubles
I found the management of men tenants most disagreeable, &
choiced this place for my residence that I might be near a
relation of Mr Grant's whom He hade a particular regard for, of
the Name of John Keith. He is a Merchant in Keith, ever Since
Mr Grant's death He has Shown me great kindness and atten:
:tion, and being a Gentleman of regular Education He has
conducted all my business, which has been of great Service
to me - I am astonished at Lachlans letters to you, and cannot
conceive what motives He can have for endeavouring to impress
upon your mind that Mr Grant acted an unfair part at the
times of our Fathers death. I can assure you, He behaved in
a manner most honourable, and good hearted, at that time, and
ever since to our Sister, Our Father left a Will, in which Our
Sister was left with the whole concern, Altho it had been other
=wise Mr Grant knowing long before my Fathers death, the
embarrassed states of my Fathers matters. He would not have
taken any concern with his Effects, it was quit different with
our Sister, if She gained nothing, She hade nothing to lose - After
paying her Fathers debts, She had nothing left for her main :
: tenances, but Mr Grants heart and hand was always open for
her support - Lachlan writes you a great deal about Mr
Grants riches
. Mr Grant had what was sufficient for supporting
him in the character of a Gentleman, and there is no person who
was acquainted with him, but would admit that He acted and
appeared as such, and had the credit of makeing his money
by active prudent attention as a Farmer.- I never would
have thought of troubling you with a letter of this kind, but thinks
your letter call'd for it; and shall conclude with saying that it
is my earnest wish to hear from you frequently.- With good
wishes to you Mrs Grant and family in which Mary joins
and belives me to be, My Dear Brother, Your affectionate
Sister, Eliza Grant

My Dear Brother,
It grieves me to think the Brother whose imprud=
=ent conduct was the only cause of puting my Father in that Situation,
that He was not able to provide for me at his death, has the badness of
heart to write such letters to you, as I see by your letter to us, Lachlan has
been doing, more particularly about my deceased worthy friend, who pro=
=tected, and supplyed me with every comfort I could reasonably have wish=
=ed for.- Mr Grant was a man of a very superiour character, and was above
doing a dirty action. He was an honest friendly, godo man as ever lived -
I request that you will do us the favour to write us frequently
I am with regards, My Dear Brother,
Your affect. Sister,
Mary Grant

P.S. Be pleased to mention in your first Letter
you favour us with, what county, and Parish your
Sons in Law come's from.- I have fortunatly got a
comfortable House, with a good Garden, pleasantly
situated close by the River Isla, with a beauty:
:ful view in front of this House along the river.
Eliza Grant
Fifes, Keith, 25th August 1829

from the Parish of Tillicoultry in Clackmanshire [1] and as they both
appear to be industrious farmers I hope will make a comfortable
living shall feel happy in hearing from you -- my wife & family
[??] in offering you our soon
LG Nov 1830 [2]

Yours of date the 25 Aug 1829 I duly received It gave me and
my family pleasure to hear of your & Marys welfare and I made
up my mind to write you Once a year that I might not be trouble
=some to ;you with my letters as we have so little to write you that
would be interesting to you but from the [??] of your letter
[??] I am rather [??] I have given
[??] but rest assured my
dear Sisters I have no intention
in writing you to pray unto
your private affairs altho if
you had thought [??] could
have been happy to hear in
that situation your late hus=
=band left you but I hope you
will forgive me -- I have dropped
all correspondence with
Lachlan as I find he has
been endeavoring to deceive
me and never again renewing
correspondance with him -- Our
Province of Upper Canada is
rapidly advancing in Population
and improvement [??]
[??] [??] [??] [??] [??]

* * *



Brothers: William Christie, John Christie, Thomas Christie


These appear to be draft notes by Lewis Grant for a subsequent reply.


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