Letter, 1808 MAR 24

Letter from William Grant to his son, Lewis Grant, 24 March 1808
Transcription by G.B. Grant, November 1938
Revised by Hugh Campbell, 31 May 2003

My dear Lewis:

Your kind letter under
date the 15th June 1807 I have received ---
I am glad that you are
Married a Respectable Family of no fortune
is to me preferable to [??] got money. I am
sorry that you have lost your son and
your sore knee I regret very much. We
all wish Mrs. Grant, you and friends many
happy days---prudence and industry
will anable you to gain bread for your
family I hope as the land is your own pro
perty of whom do you hold your land I beg
to know---Your sister and Husband at
Mulber are well. Mary is with me Here
and in good health. Mad Lochlane
has got to Verdun in France, a prisoner
of ware he was Ship Wrecked in a [??] that they
had [??] from the enemy. Lewis Grant,
Son to your Uncle James Grant that sold
Wester Elchies has got to the same quarters
by a similar misfortune. I have applyd
to every one on their behalf and I am told

[Page break]

that it is against the regulations of the Navy
to promote Prisoners of Ware. They both acted
as Masters' Mates in the Royale Navy and
Bonaparte likes to keep fast all the British
Sailors that comes into his clutches.
Lachlan at times quarled with his
Captain by his own account which is
against Henry. Your cousin Lewes Grant
is much esteemed by his Captain. I have in my
keeping letters from P-- C-- Durham
Esq. that he served under all this ware
to that effect--- Oat meall sels at
Elgin at 30/; the nine stone the [bott?] Corn
and Straw at 50/; in this low Country and
up the Country at 60/; the [bott?] the Cattle
was very cheap last autumn, Cows at 40/; each.
That with the poor crops made the fodder high
and some people not able to purchase feed
the beasts with the Oats and Barley.
[Rhind?] that tooke the farm of
Carron has been obliged to give it up for
Dearth and John Grant married to the
sister of Mr. Grant of Wester Elchies been left
the said farm. The Rent that he pays

[Page break]

I do not know--- Failure of Col.A. Grant of the
Elgin Volunteers Married to the sister of Mrs. Pat
Duff, writer Elgin, Minister of Knockandow deceased
and others made me poor yet Mary and your Father is
content and happy that we have bread and a comfort
able House. I am now of opinion that I stayed too
long at Carron--- The Turnpike Road from Aber
deen by Banff to Lochabers is nearly finished
also the Road from Aberdeen [???]
[Ruth?] is made all turnpike to [???]
like going forward in all directions [???]
to north has brought up [servants?] [???]
very high and our young men are as [???]
Turned to Arms so much so that we [???]
bide defyance to Bonaparte. [???]
General Grant of Belendallach is [???]
his grand nephew has got the estate George [???]
of Inverressee now George McPherson Grant [???]
--- The Reverend. Wm John Grant [???]
Minister is gashing away as [much?] [???]
writer in Elgin has built a small house and lives
in a gentle way Hospitable and kind--- I have
not seen nor heard of Mrs. Smithe nor any of her Chil
dren for many months. Her son Lewis Smithe was
in a good way at Antigua when he wrote me
last of date the 2nd of October 1804-- By Lachlan
his extravagance amd Folly I am like to lose
a considerable sum at Antigua that I advanced to trye
to keep him out of Jail. Mary Tatter and your
friends at Mulber will be anxious untile we hear from
you. My mind Health and familys are more hurt by
Lachlan's unfortunate and flighty schemes than my Pen

[Page break]

can express and your ailment adds to my grief.
Is your Father in Law a Native of Canada or what
Country is he from. Dose he Cultivate his own Estate or is he a
[Mar??] What Children Brothers and Sisters has he got I beg
to know. Do you reside in a Village or what are you near
a river or lake. Have you plenty of Fish and what Kinds.
You have plenty of Game I suppose of all kinds. Are the Indians
near you. You ought to settle with a friend to forward
you your letters when the Pacific arrives at Quebec or Mon
treale also to forward by the packets the letters that you
write to me or others. The Straw is scant with most of
people. I have Enough to serve my beasts of hay and fodder
a Horse and Mare that ploughs the land a gallow for [???]
works 3 Cows with Calf, 4 Sheeps (year olds) 5 Gotes & [??] with
Ducks and Hens is all my stocke of beasts. I have 3 boys one Maid
Mary [??]. Restless we will be until we hear from
you. I am your affectionate Father.
Wm. Grant.
Glad Hill by Lochabers 24th March 1808
Lewis Grant Esq. of Edwardsburg District of Johnstown
Uper Canada


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