Letter, 1802 FEB 22

Letter from William Grant to his son, Lewis Grant, 22 February 1802
Transcription by Hugh Campbell, 31 May 2003

Dear Lewes Your esteemed letter of date the 11th Oct 1801 arrived at Carron Dec
last & made us all very glad to find that you was then in good health. I wrote to you
the 23d May 1801 it went to London under cover 10 Mar. Brandon & Dunbar my 1/2 pay agents
New City Chambers London--I wrote to you also the 2 August last by Alexander Falconer London Wm
Falconer Mains of Ninarminy of Aberlour Parish & he going to settle with his brothers at
New York North America -- Lachlan fiddled & scrambled about London until he got at
last into the Kings Bench Prison & I am informed that there are detainers against
him from Coffee Housekeepers, Inn Keepers Taylors & other Tradesmen to a considerable
amount he owes to one Taylor F 11d.6.10 NG [New Guineas?] to his Merchant Robert Dewar Winchester
Hill London F3000 like money to his Doctor F 50 NG What turn his unfortunate affairs
may take I cannot as yet judge of I wrote to Antigua in Nov. last to which I have
not as yet got a reply but I apprehend the worst article of confusion I struggle
in my old age from an ungrateful extravagant mad son -- I am not the
lest surprised that nine years made you weary of the woods my fatigues there
speaks to one every night, & my health is bitter bad -- I expect that the Potash
business may answer but I suppose it not a profitable branch of business tho
that I believe it to be a sure trade Your grain has been cheap & ours dear at 10/;
15/; &50/; the bole meale sold these two last years at 5/;&6/6d the stone 14 1/2 ounces
to the [?]wright & 16 [?] to the stone wright our Cattle Sheep & Horses sold extra=
=vagantly High and the Rents of the Lands has also advanced to a great
hight the Carron land 1/3 more of Rents than it was when you left this Country
the Duke of Gordon refuses more than double Rent & others has got more than
double Rents Meale sels at present at 14/; the [?]stone & it is probable that
the Cattle Sheep & Horses may also decline in value should that happen judge
you the situation of the Scots farmer -- You do not mention the state of
your Farm is it all improved or how much seed of the different kinds di you sow last
seed time what returns have you had how many acres had you under crop what No.
profile and [?] -- I am at a loss to know whether Thomas Grant of Mulber
ought to go to America or not it is an arduous undertaking attended with
expence fatique & trouble. It is my opinion that he may not be able to obtain
a new lease without doubleing the rent at lest I do believe that he hains at pre=
=sent about F 60 NG of profite by his farm yearly He pays of yearly Rent at present
about F 200 NG when that is doubled then he will be a yearly loser as others are he
has 14 years to run of the present Lease at the end of the 15 years he will be getting
older and [?] for to go abroad Had his luck been at an end at this instant and
his aged Mother dead He would go to North America without a doubt were he to
think of going the House with the Land ought to be bought beforehand culti=
=vated Land with a good House so as to make him comfortable & easy so as
to find himself at Home the very first night of his arrival in America. What
a 100 or 200 acres of improved land cost agreeably situated with a good house
& offices Houses cost I beg to know how are the servants to be got at Pitsburgh
Philadelphia and New York they have Negroes favor me with your opinion
& advice at full [??] -- Lachlan arrived here from Antigua about the
1st of Sept 1800 where he stayed to the end of Aprile 1801 during that time he got of
hard cash from his sister Mary F 60 NG in Feby 1801 I told Lachlan that I would
need the money that he borrowed from his sister Mary in March & that he must
pay to me in March 1801 agreeable to his promise by his letters addressed to me
his father a considerable sum more than what he had borrowed as afore expressed

[Page break]

We continued haggleing back & fore about the cash until I began to suspect
that he had not the command of the moneys & I found him to be full of empty
pride in the end of May 1801 I obliged him to grant to me his bills payable
one month 2 months & 6 months after date as also to grant to me his bond
to pay to me yearly during my life F 50 NG at the term of Whitsunday yearly
& each year not one penny have I got as yet from him -- I have no=
=tessed his bills & at the term of Whitsunday next to come when the first
F 50 NG becomes payable it is my intention to sue for the payment as [??]
directs tho it were to bring the Antigue property to an immediate
[??] to pay the debts Ye God only knows how it may end I intend to wait
awhile until I hear from Antigua when that happens I shall write
to you -- I continue to collect the Arndilly rents the ride to Arndilly
House is easy & short but Craigmile & Beldorney is fare from here us a long ride
across the Hills ehich I was not file for to ride to and the quarters were bade
I am weary of the Arndilly business -- John Grant that was the W=
=Elchies schoolmaster in your time [??] the Elchies Rents. He got the
the Sister of Lady Wester Elchies with child He was turned out of the House
of Wester Elchies in October last He now resides with Ms Farquaison
at Archiestown Belertomb they have got a daughter & they are Mar=
=ried the Brother the said John Grant eats with Joseph the foot
man & Miss Campble that was or he was turned out of the House
of Wester Elchies eat at the Table with the Laird John continues
to collect the Rents & he will continue to be a poor man Robert
will not give to him and his wife no not one penny at them live
on they wind they will get a buffing salary & that is all.
Your Drake is still in life and will do you fish and have
what kind of fish an dgame are to be got in your Laks Rivers and
Woods I suppose that you reside on the Westside of Lake Ontario
below Niagara as you are your own Master could you not venture
to to to see Addison at Pittsburgh -- up the the Lake and down the River
Thomas Grant at Mulber paid not one penny of Taxes when you
left this Country at present he pays F12NG of Exises to government but
is right not to allow those turbulent people the French to disturb our
place as also to robb as of our property I think the Scots Lads gave a
right drubbing to their Invisible Legion at Egypt that shows to
world at large what the free born people can dow.
I expect that at my death you protect & support Mary as I do not
expect that Lachlan will dow any good to anyone in my opinion
he is deranged often in the Brain there are a good change that Betsie
may have good bread but it gives one great pain to think that I may
not in all probablity be able to make good my word to Thomas Grant.

[Page break]

Grant & others which hurts my thoughts more than my
Pen can express to leave Mary destitute is a thing that op=
=presses me night and day it is a sade misfortune to think
of it She never offended me in the lest were you to write to
Thomas Grant of Mulber -- near [??] to protect & suppor my dear
Mary at my death until he hears from you & that you will
reward him for trouble and expence but you need not make
known to him what I am affraid of pherhaps that wood

fortune may yet prove favourable and that
my pains may vanish like smoke from
the Chimney [??]

Mary and Betsee proposes to write
to you [??] in March or Aprile next to
come untile then I conclude this most dis=
agreeable letter by saying of that

I am your affectionate Father

Wm Grant

Carron 22d Feby 1802

Lewes Grant Esqr of Matilda Upper Canada
North America

[Addressed to:]

Lewes Grant Esqr of Matilda
of Uper Canada by New
York Albany and Shenectady
North America


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