Letter, 1794 FEB 15

Letter from William Grant to his son, Lewis Grant, 15 February 1794
Transcription by G.B.Grant, November 1938
Revised by Hugh Campbell, 31 May 2003
Modified 17 July 2005

My Dear Lewis

Yours dated at York 3rd September 1793
came to Carron about the first of January last. It left New York
the first of November 1793 and yours dated at Newark the 10th October 1793
likewise received the same day which made us very happy.
I would think that you might pick up some other little posts
that might help you. Many a little post has Peter Duff about Elgin.
It is fortunate that Governer is kind; your own merit helps that
fortune---Lachlan has entered on board the Oisseua Frigate
30 guns, Capt. Robert Murry at Portsmouth as a Midshipman
expecting to sail on a cruise against the French when he wrote me
the 31st January. He was in high spirit and thought himself fortunate
to fall in with a man of so good a character. Not a word from
[?]andie but once since he went to the East Indies. Col. Duff and
many more of his friends is come to Britain. I see that all the
French settlement is taken there---your aunt, Mrs. Major Daniel
Grant resides at Denton Place Denton Vale near London with her
family. Her third son John Grant has gone into the tenth regiment as an
ensign. The regiment is come from Jamaica to Portsmouth. I asked of you
to write her son Lieut. Alex Grant, St. Johns Antigua. Your
aunt Jean, Mrs. Audland a blacksmith at Milne Thrope near
Kendale Westmoreland North of England. She was got with child
by my fathers plowman. This obliged her to go south (she is the
oldest of the family) and married Audland. They have 2 sons,
the one a Blacksmithe and the other a Whitesmithe. They might
do well with you. They have 2 daughters and dowing well.
I have not heard from your Uncle James but once
since you left us. I am told from good authority that he is married
though he dos not mention that to me and has a family he gives

[Page break]

this as a reason to Isaac Grant Esq., writer to the Signet of
Edinburgh for taking our Father's money to himself but
Carron shortened it for him, you ought write to him often. He
is friendly enough. You may sometime or other fall in with
one traveling that way. Is there no post from you by Albany
and New York. Mr. Addison from Washington was last seen
over at New York. He heard of James, he was well so he writes
to his Father-in-law the minister of Elgin. Addison would seem
to be a great man, if there is a post from you to Albany, New
York and Philadelphia you ought to write him. Addison
writes the Parson that he is afraid of the Indian War.
Arndilly and Lady with Mrs. Stewart is all winter at Arndilly
House. They have got a daughter. He talks of going this year
to Jamaica and goes on in the old way-----Elchies is gone to
London and Mrs. Campble with him. It said that the marriage
was declared at Edinburgh. Lachlan wrote me from London that
this was so. Elchies is more anxious as to the payment of rents
and rise of rents than ever she was agreeable to say.
The year has been bade. Cattle of every kind falline in value
one third. Last harvest the corns was out the 24th December and badly
got in at the end. I got in the corns early and will bet my neighbours
were not so fortunate.----General Grant was at
Newcastle all summer. He had the command there; he is
now gone to London without coming further North. Mrs. Smith
is poor and as bad tempered as ever. She came here in harvest
but we could not get her to stay any time though we paid her and
son all the attention that we could. I am sorry for her but not
able to give her much help. I am afraid that she has no more
thought than when she had fullness and the mother to support her
the jointer is now gone which is a loss to her family---

[Page break]

It is reported that there is several new regiments to be
raised the Marquis of Huntley one, Sir James Grant of Grant
one, who is to have the rest I do not know. It requires money
as every Captain names his officers and is bound for the men.
Do not see where the men is to be got. The great town is the
place most likely. John Grant the minister of Elgin has asked
to be Chaplain to Sir James Grant of Grant his [???]
is my opinion that he will not succeed it would be [???]
give it him he has enough for two and so [???]
fellows that has nothing. I am now con [???]
over your acquaintance he offers his [???]
[???] that you have forgot your faithful ser [???]
my only companion when your mothers [???]
at T[??] and McCountry is so miserable poor [???]
[???] absent from Carron Elchies would [???]
[???]--- Your mother and Sisters is at Forres [???]
[???] well and my own health not good were [???]
[??] [??] cannot see how to manage matters so as to
pay my debts as the Value of everything is got so low and
there is no money to be got. This prevents my giving up
factory and farm to Elchies and to my sad grief there is
no provision for your worthy mother [??] that we
could live in Forres on the half pay but should providence
order me to go home first then there is nothing for her but
hardship it is to be hoped fortune may be favorable and
we must pick up good spirits and [??] along in good hopes
as we have done in times past as the appearance is better than
ever tho the debt is more and stock less. We have you and brother
[??] in view. Your sisters are well and offer love to you.
Mr. George Leithe called here. The weather has been so bad since I heard

[Page break]

heard of Mr. George Forsythe's arrival at Huntley that I
could not venture the [??] of Huntley and I have no great
chance now of seeing him and I send this to Huntley to
see if it overtakes him and I shall write you next week
from Forres which I shall forward to London to go by Mr.
George Liethe as I know that your sisters wants to write
you.----Have you never fallen in with any Grants [??]
Commodore Grant and Thomas Grant of Quebec there

[Page break]

several more of the name in Canada there is William Grant
Inverlockee and Robert Grant Lethendry, said to be rich and
many more. did you see any one that you knew or any one that
knew this country on your way from New York to Quebec
or since. I conclude with offer of love and believe me to be -
Your affectionate Father,
William Grant
Carron, 15th Feb. 1794.


1 Response to “Letter, 1794 FEB 15”

  1. 1 E. Stewart
    July 20, 2018 at 7:50 am

    The Grant of Inverlochee mentioned here was from a farm in Strathavon where the Lochy burn joins the Avon. It is not the Castle near Fort William. cf. William Grant of Trois Rivieres.

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